Foreword from the British High Commissioner to Mauritius, Keith Allan

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PHOTO_Keith _AllanMauritius is rightly known as a wonderful tourist destination and indeed around 150,000 British tourists enjoy visiting the island every year, but Mauritius offers much more, including as a serious destination for trade and investment. Mauritius is classified as an upper middle income country by the World Bank and has seen consistent strong economic growth in recent years.

Mauritius is becoming an increasingly important hub for business in Africa. It has its own strategy for investing in the African continent. Many companies see Mauritius as a stable and well-developed market to base their wider operations throughout the African continent. This is particularly the case in the financial services sector which has seen tremendous growth as the country looks to become a hub for FinTech. There are strong connections between the financial services sector in the UK and Mauritius, and this sector offers further opportunities for trade and investment. Education is another sector where we are seeing growing links between the UK and Mauritius. A number of UK universities and colleges have partnerships and have even opened their own campuses here in Mauritius.

Bilateral trade and investment is already strong. The UK is the number one export market for Mauritius. UK exports to Mauritius was worth £215 million in 2016 and two way trade totalled £572 million.

We have a Department for International Trade officer based at the High Commission in Port Louis who links in with the team based in Johannesburg. This team are ready and committed to helping companies develop trade and investment in both directions.  

We look forward to helping you do business with Mauritius.

Best wishes,


Keith Allan
British High Commissioner to Mauritius


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