Introduction from Deeptee Korlapu Bungaree-Gooheeram, Head of Trade and Investment Mauritius, Department for International Trade

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DeepteeMauritius has evolved over the years from a mono-crop sugar-dominated economy to become a sophisticated, diversified services orientated and a strategic global business centre in the region.

Mauritius has a unique business friendly environment along with a healthy investment climate that makes it an attractive business destination. The country’s adoption of international best business practices and sustainable development policies has been acknowledged by international agencies such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the World Bank (WB). The country’s aim is to boost its appeal to international investors and become the financial hub of the African region and an ideal springboard for investment and doing business in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The Department for International Trade has been assisting in promoting the business interests of UK companies and works to strengthen trade and investment ties between the UK and Mauritius. UK companies can access expert support and advice from DIT and the British High Commission to develop their business in Mauritius. Working in close partnership with the local stakeholders, DIT can offer support and guidance to mitigate the risk factors of entering the Mauritian market.

I hope that this guide encourages you to explore and challenge the wealth of opportunities that await you and your organisation in Mauritius. I also invite you to take advantage of all that DIT, the British High Commission, and Mauritius has to offer.


Deeptee Korlapu Bungaree-Gooheeram
Head of Trade and Investment Mauritius, Department for International Trade (DIT)


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