Air Mauritius, a trusted business partner

Since its inception in 1967, Air Mauritius has been dedicated to supporting the development of the Mauritian economy. It has constantly strived to overcome the distance that separates the country from its main markets creating the required links to potential partners and opportunities in Europe, Australasia, Africa and the region.

The initial steps involved connecting Mauritius to Europe that has historically been our main source market for tourism. More recently, as economies in Asia, Africa and in the region have taken off, Air Mauritius gears up to a new role which will be to support the development of Mauritius into a strategic airline hub for the region. Air Mauritius nurtures a renewed entrepreneurial spirit towards African markets, which Mauritius wants to link to Asia to tap into the increasing flux of travel and trade between the two continents.

Historical Partner

Working together with Mauritian economic partners to serve and support the flow and growth of economic activities is deeply rooted in Air Mauritius’ DNA. In 1967, the airline started as a ground handler. Its first flight took off in 1972 on a six-seater Piper Navajo to Reunion. Boosted by global ambitions, it became a jumbo jet operator in 1984 and soon extended its reach to London, Paris, Rome as well as Mumbai, Singapore and in the region to Reunion, Rodrigues, Moroni and South African destinations. By 1994, the foundation for the modern Air Mauritius was laid when the airline became the first Airbus A340 operator in the Southern hemisphere. Our airline increased its range, broadened its network and operated up to 36 direct destinations worldwide.

Today the national airline of Mauritius operates 12,000 flights annually, offers 2.3 million aircraft seats across its network and carries 1.7 million passengers. It carries 40,000 tons of cargo, has a turnover of over MUR 20 billion annually, offers 24 direct destinations and more than 100 possibilities of seamless connections from the various hubs it operates.

A strategic hub for the region

Going forward, Air Mauritius envisions its future as being the backbone of Hub Mauritius. In building flexibility, frequency, choice and cost-competitiveness, the airline will support the successful development of all air transport activities and transform the international airport in Mauritius into a choice destination for passengers to catch connecting flights onto the broader Air Mauritius network. It will also support the positioning of Mauritius as a financial and service centre that acts as a bridge between Africa and Asia.

In this endeavour to support the Mauritian economy, Air Mauritius has taken full ownership of the need to embrace a competitive mind-set that supports the sustainability of airline services in an open-sky environment. Air Mauritius therefore strives to offer more choice and flexibility to customers while operating in a most cost-efficient manner. This requires that the airline be creative in designing its networks, particularly as the industry becomes more competitive and is weighed down by volatile fuel prices and exchange rates, as well as the erratic economic cycles.

Air Mauritius started developing hubs which it serves in collaboration with airline partners at gateways to its main markets. The airline operates double daily flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle with partner Air France from where it connects to up to 40 destinations in Europe. A second hub is being developed in Amsterdam offering connections to 50 destinations including to Nordic countries. It also operates double daily flights to its hub in Johannesburg as well as to other hubs in Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Nairobi. In 2016 with the launch of the Air Corridor project, the airline took the initial steps to further stimulate traffic between two of the world’s fastest growing economies that are Africa and Asia.

New Fleet – orders for 8 new generation aircraft

In pursuing such ambitions, Air Mauritius has embarked on a bold investment programme that will lead to the modernisation of its fleet. The delivery of two new generation A350-900 in October and November 2018 will mark the start of this programme which will also see the delivery of two Airbus A330neo by the end of the year, two A350 in 2019 and two more in 2023. These aircraft have state-of-the-art cabin products comparable to the best offered worldwide: full-flat business class seats, more comfortable economy class seats in roomier cabins, modern inflight entertainment system with full HD screens, inflight Wi-Fi connectivity that offer an unrivalled level of comfort and convenience to passengers. The two A330neos offer similar levels of comfort and will be an important addition to the fleet. Meanwhile, Air Mauritius will continue to operate the two existing A330s as well as the two A319s and the three ATR72s for regional operations.

New Level of Service

As Mauritius gears up to its new strategic challenge to become a regional tourism, business and air travel hub, so does the Air Mauritius service experience. The Company has revamped its branding and re-engineered its processes to match its upmarket positioning, consistent with the 4-Star status achieved in 2014.

In the process, the Air Mauritius brand has kept the core ingredients of its positioning which includes quality, reliability, comfort, security and service. It celebrates the island’s diversity and beauty while conveying a sense of relaxation, entertainment and pleasure in the travel experience.

In support of this strategy the airline has launched the Air Mauritius Institute that will deliver training to its team members for the successful development of their skills in line with the airline’s ambitions. The Air Mauritius Institute will also include a flight academy for the training of aspiring pilots in Mauritius.

Digital challenge

The Company is reviewing its processes and customer experience to sharpen its digital presence. This entails reviewing every step of the experience from online reservations, check-in, validation, baggage & security, Airport services and 'passenger way-finding', lounges, gates and boarding.

The Company’s online marketing is therefore being revisited so that the Air Mauritius spirit is felt at all points of encounter between the airline and the customer, with an alignment between the digital and the human brand experience.

Sustained development

In an increasingly competitive world, Air Mauritius is determined to stand out by building on the common DNA it shares with the prized tourist destination it serves, as it strives to craft a service offering from elements of the rich Mauritian mosaic.

Its priority remains to offer safe, sustainable and profitable operations along with the well-being of our customers and our people. For an island state far away from most of its markets, reliance on a strong national airline is not a luxury. It is even a vital component of the country’s future.

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